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Hello Livejournal!

The past few months have been fairly busy. I've now (temporarily?) finished my life as a pseudo-acadamic. I finished my degree with 68.3%, and it seems like I haven't been considered for a first by the exam board. I'm a bit gutted about that, but life goes on I guess. My dissertation ended up being 72, which is pretty amazing.

A few people expressed an interest in reading it. If you've got some time on your hands, I can send it to you.

Right now I'm looking into finding a Proper Job, whilst paying my bills being a manager at Yo! Sushi. I really want to take up streetdance with Jenny, that would be pretty amazing fun. Or something esoteric and silly like bricklaying. Can you build a fucking wall? I CAN.

New flat is pretty badass. We celebrated last weekend by having a green themed party, inspired by the awful sofa cover that came with the flat.

We made green cakes, bought green sweets and raided the local supermarket for as much greeze booze as we could handle. Our friends are amazing, and there was a pretty good turnout.

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Good times.